Kevin McPherson is a fourth-year Emory College student studying biology and interdisciplinary studies. His interdisciplinary studies major focuses on Native American and indigenous knowledge systems and how they interface with Western scientific philosophy. Kevin is constantly looking for ways to ask the question “why not?” in both his on- and off-campus endeavors: he helped curate a first-of-its-kind exhibit on Native American basketry at the Carlos Museum and build a website on fledgling Native and indigenous studies activities at Emory so that other students may pursue Native American studies through the ILA. He is a believer that an ideal liberal arts education should make intellectual work fun and illuminating. Kevin is also deeply committed to finding connections throughout his academic, community, and creative work -- and the IDEAS Fellowship allows him to do just that. Through IDEAS, he has helped spearhead the side-car course experience between Peter Wakefield’s freshman seminar on evidence and Joseph Crespino’s history course on the American South and To Kill A Mockingbird. Kevin is thankful to both IDEAS and the ILA for being a home and family to him at Emory for the last four years. This semester he helped organize the Best of Emory: Course Highlights event, which pushed him to consider what being an academic leader on campus can look like.